Art In Pages - October 10th 2023

Art In Pages - October 10th 2023

Opening date: 10th October 2023

Art in pages is a group exhibition bringing together the origins of all of artist’s creation: the sketchbook.

It provides an intimate look into each artist’s mind, some are filled with scribbles, doodles, some are more intentional, some tell stories. Some are disposable and some are literally weaved by hand and are totally one of a kind.
The exhibition also offers a look into the art form or art books and zines, brining about a small collection of each. Alongside prints made by each participating artist for sale.




Participating artists:

Amira Al Musalmi
Salem Afifi
Debjani Bhardwaj
Pragya Bhatnagar
Ibrahim Al-Balushi
Maria Golubkova
Tarini Agarwal
Thuraya Alzubair
Mohammed Al Attar (Mimoon Art) Nuha Alkhusaibi
Leena Al Kiyumi Maryam Al Alawi
Dr. Shalini Gupta Kumar Rozita Nosrati
Siamak Dehbod Wadhah Al Rashdi
Fajer Al-Akhzami Rawan AlMahrouqi

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