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Acrylic Medium Starter Set

Acrylic Medium Starter Set

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Liquitex Basics medium set, experiment with smaller tubes of different mediums.


  • Gesso retains peaks and brush strokes; ideal for learning color theory and color mixing
  • Gloss gel is a thick, transparent medium for mixing with Acrylic paint to improve color blending, extend paint volume and drying time and increase paint transparency
  • Modeling Paste is an opaque matte structure Paste, ideal for 3D effects. It can be used alone to build up texture, or added to Acrylic paint to thicken the consistency and retain brush strokes
  • Iridescent medium provides pearlescent effects when added to Acrylic colors and adds shimmer to a painting when applied after drying
  • Coarse texture gel dries to a coarse sand like finish. When dry it can be painted on with Acrylic colors or it can be mixed with colors before application
  • Included Components: 75Ml Tube Of Gesso, 75Ml Tube Of Gloss Gel Medium&75Ml Tube Of Modeling Paste, 75Ml Tube Of Iridescent Medium, 75Ml Tube Of Coarse Texture Gel
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