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Untitled by Nada Al Masoudi

Untitled by Nada Al Masoudi

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Nada Al Masoudi, holds a BA in Multimedia Technology and a master’s degree in a Business Administration. She runs a graphic design and visual art practice and shares a passion for architecture, printmaking and anything art-related. Her current areas of interest and exploration are Islamic architecture, illustration styles and exploring the World.


Artwork Description

Get lost in the beauty of Oman's Mosque architecture with our unique illustrations!

The four frames represent the aesthetic of Oman mosques but from different perspective, by converting all the details to illustrations and showing the depth details that are in doors, windows, carpets and Qupa )قُبة (. In addition, exploring and Capturing intricate details from Oman's architectural style, starting fom hand-woven carpets to intricately carved windows and doors, you can feel the authentic and inspiring spirit of an ancient culture with Mosques Illustration.


Wooden black frame / Size: 33 cm , Artwork print size 24 cm

Year made: March 2023

Artwork Price: 50 OMR

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